Antwerp, Belgium

Jewel or modern walking-stick

My fascination for movement, its limitations, and the evolution and the contrasts it brings along, has always been a source of inspiration for my jewellery. It is the main theme of my work, in which the focus lies on contrastive pairs like movement/stillness, birth/death, spring/summer – contrasts that in literature have been magnificently expressed through japanese haikus, for instance.

By accident, I was practically confronted with the necessity of a walking-stick, and started concentrating on this object that is perfectly complimentary with usual jewellery.
Apparently, the market supply is restricted to walking-sticks that are merely functional, and that one would rather stash away than proudly carry (e.g. the walking-sticks offered by the mutualities) or , only once in a while, some unique piece created by an artist and looked upon rather as an object of art.

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